What are the Benefits of Selling iPhone 4 Online?

When looking to sell your iPhone, you may consider doing it online because it offers convenient and easy way of getting some cash from a used smartphone. The companies that buy these phones have fewer overhead costs than traditional stores and can offer pretty good amount for the phone. In case you are thinking of selling iPhone 4 online, you need to understand the pros and cons.

Wireless carriers are slowly trying to eliminate phone subsidies often requiring customers to meet the full price of the devices they buy. Therefore, it makes sense for subscribers to rethink about how they sell their used phones. Here are a few benefits you get when you trade the phone online.

Better pricing of used iPhones online

The main point of trading to sell my iPhone is to allow you raise some money to help in financing the one you want to buy. You would therefore sell it in a marketplace where you are going to reap the most. Some sites will offer very competitive pricing but they may not be as high as others.

When you do your search properly, you will be able to find a couple of sites that you can sell your phone at a better price. Compare the price, which your carrier offers, and then see if the online buyers are offering something more or not.

In most cases, carriers will offer less than what the marketplaces are offering. You can get an estimate price when selling iPhone 4 by selecting the carrier, model, and condition of your phone. There are also special promotions that offer better deals. You may want to check with the dealers to find out if the kind of phone you are selling is being offered a sale promotion.

Get cash instead of credit

When trading your device, you want to know how you will be paid. A majority of retailers will offer store credit and not cash. The same is with wireless operators who will not give you liquid cash for the device. While receiving credit instead of cash may be okay if you do shopping in that particular retailer or you often use it to pay down your phone bill, on the other hand, it may limit you to get cash if you needed to buy a new phone. Look for a marketplace where you can get cash rather than credit.


Some people may sacrifice their time to line up at Apple store or some other retailer so that they trade their phone and buy another. However, for others, they would better do it online and wait for a couple of weeks or days to ship the iPhone and get paid when it is delivered at the store.

When you ship a phone for sale, make sure you read the fine print. Know about any conditions that may affect the selling value of the device. Buying a new iPhone can be costly but you can make it easy by selling iPhone 4 then use the cash to get a new device.


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